Cigarettes After Sex is not bad

The music is slow and hypnotic. Live drums punctuate the spacey synths, reminding the listener that this is also a pop song. While it has become as much a cliché to pronounce a musical act as genre-less as it is to categorise said act, I nevertheless indulge in genre typecasting when it comes to listening to new music. As a listener of popular music, an organised mind is worth the potential scorn.

Most likely to be heard in a post-climax movie scene

So anyways, Wikipedia categorises Cigarettes After Sex as an ambient pop band. Admittedly I am quite unfamiliar with this territory and have always had a regrettably short attention span for the likes of Brian Eno, Velvet Underground, shoegazing etc. Anyways, there are two of the latest Cigarettes After Sex singles on Spotify, Apocalypse and Each Time You Fall In Love.

On the two songs alone, I am a fan of the production. The sounds both singles are consistently spacious, cinematic and clear. And hypnotic.

Cigarettes After Sex is a leading contender for the most aptly-named band. The music is exactly the kind of music that accompanies a post-climax scene for drama, romance and indie films. Post-climax here refers to the “down scene” where the protagonists of the film learn their lesson, or realise things aren’t meant to be, or (insert your favourite Oscar trope).

The two new songs are not bad albeit anodyne. Still merit a listen-   Cigarettes After Sex

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